Cast from String to Integer in Spark 2

When casting from String to Integer in Spark 2 I found a bug and here I present my workaround. Later I verified the bug does not exist in Spark 3. The bug is related to the existence of spaces between commas and values.

To reproduce the error create a file with these contents, I named it test_feature_engineering.csv:

1,2020-01-11,2020-01-11, 10, 10
2,2020-01-11,2020-01-12, 10, 10
3,2020-01-11 10:10:01,2020-01-12 10:20:00, 10, 10

Open the spark-shell and type the following commands:

Inspecting the output above it is possible to verify that a cast from String to Integer results in res column with null values in df2. df3 shows that casting first to Float and then to Integer produces the desired result.

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